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Tractor Towed & Driven Spraying Machine

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  • The gun sprayer has an effective throw of 40 feet on each side (Left & Right), ie 80 feet coverage in one go and shade trees in between are also very effectively sprayed because at this fact.
  • The machines are fitted with 2000 litres tank, auto agitator and pressure regulator.
  • The machine also ensures better control against pilferages of costly chemicals which are mixed in one go.
  • The machine provides area coverage of 16-17 hectares per day (8 hrs) with 5-8 men days only.
  • The system is also equipped with an auto suction device which can suck in 2000 litres of water in 25-30 minutes.
Tractor Towed & Driven Spraying Machine

Special Features

  • Tank Material - Special agro chemical and erosion, corrosion resistant material.
  • Tyres - Specially designed 15R farm service loaded radial tyres suitable for off road working areas.
  • Self - Agitator - 5x manure diffuser technology.
  • Spray disc - Inter changeability and sizes (DI to DI 0) available with a discharge arrangement of I -53 LPM.
  • Swivels - Panted heavy swivelling arrangement of the gun to prevent twisting of the hose pipes.
  • Filtration - Three layers filtration including primary and secondary strainers.
  • Water level gauge - Floating based meter type gauge with marking to know the balance mixture in the tank.
  • Flush out valve - Bigger flush out valve to flush out chemical residue
  • Suction device - Equipped with a suction device which can suck in water from any close buy reservoir (natural or manmade).
Tractor Towed & Driven Spraying Machine
Technical Specifications
Length Width Height Weight
4600 mm 1980 mm 1650 mm 880 kgs