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One Man Harvester

We recommend the backpack engine series of "Ochiai to your tea plantation. The backpack engine series of "Ochiai" contain three attachments.

Brush Cutter

Brush Cutter

  • AM-35
  • Specifications
  • Weight: 3.4kg
    Power System: AM-26EZ
Power System

Power System

  • AM-26EZ
  • Specifications
  • Engine Model: 26cc (1.4 ps)
    Weight: 4.2 kg
ea Pruning

Tea Pruning

  • AM-5A
  • Specifications
  • Blade Length: 590/700mm
    Weight: 3.4 kg
    Power System: AM-26EZ
Ochiai Tea Pruning New Model arrived
  • New Model AM-120V
  • Ochiai New Model is Arrival. Dispatch All Over The World Realization of Complete Customer Satisfaction.

1. By applying of hydrodynamics, it achieves 15% wind force up compared from ex-model AM110VB. For yhr improvement, it is able to correct tea leaves more smoothly.

2. Duct height and Handle height than ex-model. Duct height=3cm up. Handle height=2cm up.It is able to correct even large leave and wet leaves by strong wind power. By our tequnique, it is able to use for all kinds of tea leaves without distinction of tea type.

3. The matelial of Bag Metal and Swhitch Stay is changed Aluminum. It comes to be lightweight, It is strengthen the endurance to corrosion.

Safety Cover of maker recommendation is available as optional setting.

Technical Specifications
Cutting blade length 525mm ( available cutting length )
Weight 4.2kg ( Without Flexible Shaft )
Operation area par 1 hour 500m2 ( Marker recommendation )
-Power System
AM-26EZ Zenoah 2cycle Engine 26cc ( 1.4ps )
Tank Capacity 0.75 l
Using time as full of tank 40min ( Maker recommendation )

The Specification may be changed for improvementwithout a priornotice.