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Mori Deluxe Back Pack Brush Cutter

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Is designed for Mobility, Reliability and Comfortable and brought out the confidence with the operator once working and gardening.


  • Equipped with Japan brand 2-Stroke engines or 4-Stroke engine.
  • Triple damper anti-vibration system is not only brought out the well-balanced engine base completely, but also making the operator can work as longer as w/o discomfort.
  • Comfortable simply strap and the back pad is offered more aggressive price for the market.

Model No. KT-350
Engine Brands Mitsubishi Kawaski Subaru Fuji Robin Honda
Application engine TB43 / 2 stroke TH48 / 2 stroke EH035 / 4 stroke GX35NTS / 4 stroke
Displacement (c.c.) 4 45.4 33.5 35.8
Max. Horse Power 1.8Kw 1.6Kw 1.18Kw 1.2Kw
Air Cleaner Semi-Dry type Dry type (Polyurethane form element) Semi-Dry type Semi-Dry type
Fuel Mixed fuel of gasoline and 2 stroke oil (Ratio 50:1) Unleaded gasoline
Spark Plug (NGK0) Ngk Bpmr8y Ngk Bpmr7a Ngk Gm7h Ngk Gm7H
Starter Recoil Starter
Clutch system Automatic Centrifugal Type
Frame ass'y Simply Strap & back Pad
Drive Tube Ø26 x 1500mm Aluminum Tube & Flexible Shaft Tube
Drive Transmission Solid Steel; 7*7T
Gear Case Aluminum Ø26*7*7T
Clutch Housing Aluminum
Handle D-Loop Handle w/Bar
Throttle Lever Trigger type w/stop switch
Attachment Safety Guard, 3T Blade, Semi-Auto Tap & Go Nylon Head
Package By 2 individual cartons that one is for Frame ass'y w/Bare engine and another one is Tube attachment