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Working with us

A strong believe in the policies laid down by the forerunners of the company is what accenuated the success chart for Zenith Forgings. The company driven by values works with a focus on supporting the development and careers of its people. The HR policy of the company is underlined as below -

  • The company aims to create a culture where people are encouraged to contribute to their full potential and be rewarded for their efforts and dedication.
  • The company assures that all all the policies and standard applicable laws will be enforced in a fair and equitable manner regardless of the posiition of its employees.
  • The company aims to nurture the talents of its professionals through proper training and development programmes.
  • The company aims to encourage all its employees to fulfill their career goals within the organization.
  • The company aims to provide better working conditions and steady income of employees, employment of the qualified personnel and their professional growth within the team.
  • The company aims to make efficient use of personnel knowledge, skills and experience forthe benefit of both the company and its employees and contine the competence and expertise in manufacturing of its tools.
  • The company assures to ensure that the human resource function operates in compliance with relevant legislation.