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Regulated Feed Unit

Regulated Feed Unit Cum Leaf Cleaning Machine

This Machine enables to achieve optimum & constantly even feeding to Rotorvane at a pre - fixed rate of feeding


Feeding rate being constant and at even rate -

  • Improve productivity & ensure higher throughput.
  • Ensures even cuts in the CTC Machine under feeding or over feeding results in un - even cuts in the CTC Machine.
  • Ensures even dryness in the drier due to constantly even feed.
  • Helps in synchronisation & on - line production.
  • Saves in fuel consumption, Electric consumption and labour employment.
  • System is rigid provided with heavy duty sensors against failures - No hassels and no maintenance

This system consists of

  • Inclined feed conveyor with imported PVC Belt 18" wide.
  • Acrylic glass made feed hopper ( chute )
  • Two sensors in the gravity feed chute for monitoring upper level & lower level.
  • Apperture for even flow of green leaf at rated capacity.
  • Metering Band Conveyor.
  • Vibrating green leaf shifter - for cleaning.
  • Low Horse power - HP connected